Friday, 15 September 2017

Toxik - Lazarus Leiden 14 September 2017

Seeing Toxik for the third time in two months I thought there would not be much to write about. Dynamo was the festival and Little Devil the metal bar. So I thought I saw it all and just went to hear some great music again. Well I was wrong. I was in Lazarus before, but that was only for some beers after a show in de Nobel. Now there was a small (as in tiny) stage. The bar is awfully close to the stage and to my pleasure and surprise Lazarus was packed. This surprise mainly as de Nobel is literally hundred meters away and Vallenfyre plus two supports were on the same evening.

And then Toxik started and the place got wild. It took Charlie half a song to find out he did not fit on the stage as well. So he sung biggest part from a barstool in the corner and parts behind the merch table even. The sound was complicating to the band, but pretty good in my ears after the first song. When also some fans decided the place deserved a pit during almost the whole gig things got messy indeed. Result of it all was that band and audience got an evening to remember. This was just different and pretty much insane. Latter in the sense of such a great band in such a small place.  The setlist was similar to Little Devil although we got two extra covers just for fun.

Three years ago Toxik toured Europe and they also played Lazarus. It was on a Sunday and I returned from holidays the night before. Only problem was I only read about the show the next Monday morning. Now I could correct that and this atmosphere of the evening made it turn into a highlight of the year. I wanted to proper thank the band for a change, but the train was calling at twelve as today I passed in Eindhoven with Tiago. So the thanking and the smalltalk shall remain for next tour, when I will be back. What a great evening of technical thrash metal we got. Count your blessings, Won't You!

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