Saturday, 18 March 2017

DieselBurner, G.O.D. & Dad's Amaryllo - Musicon The Hague, 17 March 2017

This year has everything in it to become the year where I watched most shows. Strangely enough I managed to miss Musicon so far. This evening  could correct that and April and May will increase the number of Musicon gigs to decent levels. Yesterday D&ESR put three (almost) local bands in Musicon so no reason not to check them out. Opener were Dad's Amaryllo from het Westland. Their shirts and hair looked grunge and their soundcheck was Pearl Jam. Now Grunge was never really my thing, but this young band could play their instruments and has a good vocalist. They played a Stone Temple Pilots cover in their set, which means little to me as I only know the classic hits from that genre. They brought support who mysteriously all stayed far from the stage. Nice band and I shall tip EMF, if they are ever looking for a grungy (cover?) band, to check them out.

After a break we got the headliner of the evening DieselBurner. This is a duo with guitar and drums only, but somehow they manage to create a thundering wall of sound hitting us. Not stopping for small talk their fairly long set did get over well. You would think a line-up like this results in limitations, but I stayed interested throughout the set. At times they got the audience on the wrong foot with their stop-hit breaks, but clearly a live band with experience at work. Their best song came in the encore, but as they did not announce songs no idea what it was called. Closing the evening would be G.O.D. from The Hague (God is Hagenees, thanks Rene) This trio would be the loudest and most energetic band of the night. I heard on the evening that they are among the rising stars of our local scene and seeing them live I got the point. Heavy speedrock, with Motorhead not that far away is what we got. A good no-nonsense Rock and Roll show. To my surprise their set was pretty short and when asked for more it seems there was no more. My only question would be related to this as well. How are they going to build in variation if they are to play over an hour. Now we got about 30 minutes of high energy. Sure they will be on more local stages in the near future, so go see this. Thanks to D&ESR for another succesful evening in Musicon.

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