Sunday, 11 September 2016

Absolva - Musicon Den Haag, 11 September 2016

"We're Absolva and it's never a good day to Die". Unfortunately many people also decided that today was not a good day to go to Musicon. Copying my own review from last autumn is no plagiarism and unfortunately this was the first thing coming to mind when entering Musicon. The good thing about tonight is that Absolva shall not be giving anything less playing for a not fully packed Musicon. We got treated on one and a half hour of Classic Heavy Metal at the high standard we came to know from Absolva. Those who did come to Musicon had a great evening therefore.

The Harsh Reality tour, called after their new single, hit The Hague today. This was their third visit to Musicon in 18 months. We meanwhile know what we get and this evening gave us another overview of all three albums. Highlights a plenty songs that come to mind now from each album are: "From Beyond the Light", "Victimiser" and "No One Escapes". As Absolva is also the touring band for Blaze Bailey, we got again a great version of "Fear of the Dark" as well. When they moved to ballad "Only When it's Over" the amazing guitar solo at the start remembers of Gary Moore at his peak. This band has the enthusiasm, the songs, the class to become a huge name for the summer festivals. If the world is still ready for new Heavy Metal bands to reach that level is a whole different question. Based upon what they presented us again tonight I can recommend anyone seeing them passing near home the next weeks, to go and see them play. After the show they take all the time for fans and friends and do basically everything right. Not sure if they will be back soon in Musicon, but if coming to the region I shall be there as we "Never Back Down".

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