Saturday, 27 February 2016

Montra - The Machine

Times are expensive for any progmetal fan. New releases of my yearlist numbers one Headspace (2012), Oceans of Slumber (2013) next to the progmetal band of the century Redemption and Dutch powerhouse Textures already are must haves. Further on the live front I missed nearby shows of big names Symphony X and Dream Theater (shall the penny ever drop for me?) while visiting Josy in Portugal (Portalgre is great!). At the same time tomorrow starts a series of great progmetal shows to attend for me, while I might miss Complexity Fest's inauguartion version due to obligations elsewhere. And them Prog Metal Zone put me on the track of this lot some weeks ago. Montra from San Jose California.

The not overly informative website, makes me believe this is their debut album and what a killer it is. Montra play Progmetal leaning on the heavy and technical side, with clean vocals only not scaring of the more melodic fans. PMZ has this comfortable habbit of putting streams to the music with their new release page. While interested after reading the subscription, these songs caught me by first listen. Even now that US post is trying to kill the industry for last CD mailers and buyers I knew I needed to get this one in support of this new band. I can try to describe this band in detail, but better just link you to their website where the album can be heard. Anyone interested in the names above musically combined with djenty clean vocals might like what they hear as well. Progpower Europe has a new band to watch and get over if we are lucky. Let the big names come and surprise, disappoint, overwhelm or destroy me, meanwhile I have in Montra already  a great new find.

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