Sunday, 3 January 2016

Top15 of 2015 - CD's

2015 was a great year for music. By making up my shortlists I noticed that I could easily nominate some 50 albums which is always a good signal. With so many choices this list good change well over time. First I decided that while live I prefer to see old bands that I did not see a long time (or ever before) On CD I tend to downgrade old names, comparing their last work with their best albums ever. So the following favorites from the eighties all did not make the cut while releasing great albums: Armored Saint, Queensryche, Thunder, FM, Iron Maiden (although they have the best artwork this year) Def Leppard (what a surprising good album), Whitesnake, Praying Mantis, Trespass (old songs on a brilliant album), Satan or Tysondog. further excelent Heavy Metal releases of RAM or Born of Fire are out, similar to progmetal giants Leprous and Kingcrow. I also noticed that I move away from progrock a bit, but still pretty much liked releases from Lonely Robot, The Room, Anekdoten, This Oceanic Feeling and Northlands. Getting to the point herewith in running order my 15 favorites of 2015:

15. Soldier - Defiant
Possibly even stronger than their last Dogs of War. Great war tunes from thsi sympathetic NWOBHM band. They play Very √Čavy maybe I manage to see them again.

14. Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire
Based upon the names I sponsored their Indiegoo campaign. A blend of technical death Metal names relasing ths instant Classic in the genre. Even acceptable for those who scare of Death in Metal.

13. Our Oceans- Our Oceans
Only Dutch band on my list. Much lighter than their past in Cynic or Exivious might indicate this is a beautiful album of well played songs. Sunday morning music at it's best.

12. Native Construct - Quiet World
Not for every moment, nor every day. This album requires attention to the max, as there is simply too much going on. All styles you can imagine put together in a blender. Think Haken on extacy.

11. Solution 45 - Nightmares in the Waking State pt. I
My favorite Melodic Death Metal album of the year. For me a welcome return of the great voice of Christian Alvestom (Scar Symmetry) this means heavy and clear swaps in a very natural way.

10. Audioplastik - In the Head of a Maniac
Dec Burke means quality. Here together with Simon Anderson (ex PoS) and Richard West (Threshold) presenting 13 Rock songs of the highest level. Now for 5 GBP on their site, so get it.

9. Dead Lord - Heads Held High
Live the discovery of 2015 and also on CD highly recommended. Anyone into seventies metal with twin guitar solo's and good songs should try this at home. They Rock you with their Rock.

8. Shattered Skies - The World We Used o Know
Higlights at previous editions of PPE and HRHProg now on full CD. Mixing Heavy Metal and Djent into accesable songs. Pity their great vocalist left, Hope theymanage to  maintain this level.

7. Raven - Extermnation
2015 was a great year for NWOBHM bands releasing new work. My favorite album is this one, helped by their great live set. Powerfull and very athletic they keep on rockin' hard.

6. Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannnot.Erase.
I Like Steven Wilson best when he goes prog or even poppy (his metallic side others do better). This sad story turned into a beautiful album. Guthrie Govan and clip of Routine out of this world.

5. Swallow the Sun - Songs From the North I, II & III.
A Triple CD in 2015 with several styles divded over Gloom, Beauty and Despair. Still finding out new details with so much music. Missed them live, must see soon.

4. Teramaze - Her Halo
The catchiest Progmetal release of 2015. This Australian band should play PPE soon. What a release with only killers. Just everything is right about this album.

3. Dimino - Old Habits Die Hard
The surprise comeback of 2015 in superb style. Frank Dimino the voice of Angel, showing us how to rock fast and slow and even the level of Angel is reached. Never expected this release or it to be so good.

2. Iris Divine - Karma Sown
If there is any type of music that I shall never get tired of Iris Divine sets the boundaries. Progmetal, leaning to the heavier end of the melodic version. Opening song the Everlasting Sea tells it all.

1. Trial - Vessel
Released in january discovered by me only months later through Iron Fist. Swedish Heavy Metal, remembering me of US Metal, Doomish bands and even the mighty Psychotic Waltz. This band has so much on offer, Hope they start touring more as they just should not remain a little secret, but headline festivals.

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  1. that Iris Divine is a fabulous album - the Teramaze too. The Native Construct is a good start - i agree they need to simplify things a little bit next time