Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Codex - Vola - Native Construct - Iris Divine

In another attempt to rush through 4 CD's that I believe people should check out, I this time stay within Progmetal territories. Still spanning a range of tastes though, I do recommend the following albums that all show progmetal has new bands breaking through at very high level all the time:

Codex - The Peace Paradox
Great to find a Dutch band playing metal without female vocalists destroying the fun. Codex even play one of my favorite types of Progmetal being technical and heavy. Stylewise Spiral Architect or Scariot come to mind and even at times the mighty Psychotic Waltz. While not yet as good as the above mentioned bands I would love to see them live and see them perform these songs on stage.

Vola - Inmazes
Danish band Vola released ths album originally as a download only. Liking it on bandcamp I was pleased to learn that they sold enough downloads to publish a CD as well. Great band playing djenty progmetal, with also very accesible melodies combined. Therefore I think of Voyager at times. Great variation and another example that djent and progmetal are basically drinking from the same source.

Native Construct - Quiet World
This is by far the most difficult CD to get into of this list. Three Berklee School musicians (the one that gave the world Dream Theater) showing (off?) that there are no boundaries in music. Mostly alike Queen they pass the nervous bits of Haken, some Beardfish and extreme metal with occasional grunting into a really different mix. Getting better every time I hear this, uncertain how it stands over time. Not for the traditionalists, very uncomfortable and attention required.

Iris Divine - Karma Sown
Saving the best for last. This album is a strong contender for album of the year in my view. For positive and detailed descriptions I can recommend DPRP or John Tucker online both getting and appreciating this album like me. Strangely Aardschok was not on board the new fanclub of this American trio. For me Iris Divine walk the perfect line between Heavy Metal and progressive breaks and solo's. All songs stand firm and both instruments and vocals are very strong. I noticed that on bandcamp they have another album out of 2011. Convergence only available as a free download. Guess I have to break my rule of not downloading and get that as well, since a new favorite might have arrived.

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  1. Iris Divine is truly superb (top5 for certain) - native construct spoilt by the growls and Vola by the djent (for me). I will check out the Codex. Thanks for sharing