Monday, 17 August 2015

Trial - Vessel

One of the advantages of being a commuter and frequent traveller is that I always keep an eye open for finding interesting books or magazines, as I have many hours to kill waiting. Some time ago I ran into a cover in black and white of a Thin Lizzy picture with logos of old Whitesnake, Girlschool plus names of Tygers of Pan Tang, Anathema, Europe and Thor. Going through this issue of Iron Fist magazine I found inside also more new bands and plenty of CD reviews. One of the bands inside that was new to me and drew my interest was Trial. With the help of some internet research and sounds the CD was quickly bought and it is a grower of an album by a band that THHMA should get to play here soonest.

Trial are a Swedish Heavy Metal band and play an epic type of Heavy Metal. I have read some reviews and Mercyful Fate is mentioned (production/recording by Andy La Rocque) as well as occult metal. My main comparisons are with some of the early US Heavy Metal bands like Liege Lord, Exxplorer and the likes. During doomy rocker Ecstacy Waltz I can even hear bits of Psychotic Waltz' debut album. Well it is not about which bands these guys remind me of, but the beauty of their album. This is just good old fashioned Heavy Metal played with incredible skill. Apart from the short title song we get six more songs in a total of 51 minutes so time enough to work on build-ups and atmospheres. It is interesting how many of my favorite 2015 albums were actually released end 2014. I shall probably bend the rules by the end of the year as this is top 10 material again. Very curious how this band would be live. As it turns out they had a debut album in 2011 (missed by me) which is sold out on their website.
To make the package complete the artwork is arty, the lyrics are dark and the album ends with a 13 minute epic "Restless Blood". Try this out, you might be as positively surprised as I am.

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