Sunday, 14 July 2019

Exhorder & Hallowed Fire - Musicon The Hague 13 July 2019

It's Saturday night 13 July and Musicon is the beating heart of metal in Holland. At the doors  Rob already looked a busy man and what a delight it was to enter and find Musicon fully packed. Interesting enough this was for Exhorder a band that hasn't played Holland for 27 years and last time attracted 6 paying visitors in Baroeg. Nice introduction on the support band that evening by the way. This evening Hallowed Fire was a last minute substitute support band and another good reason to make people smile. Seems to me that Holland is starting to get flooded with good thrash metal bands nowadays. Great set, good playing and a lively presentation. Covering Damage Inc. in order to give us something we know as well and I guess they won over quite some new fans this evening.

After a short break Exhorder hit the stage. Opening with their song Anal Lust we knew we would be in for an evening of sheer poetry. While support Hallowed Fire  brought us enthusiasm and power Exhorder upped the level even more. Their mostly fast and short songs were thrown at us with a fire that was contagious. As a result there was almost through the whole set a circle pit going around. Now I must admit having missed Exhorder completely 30 years ago, but they won me over on the night. With their classic album being called Slaughter in the Vatican there was also a welcome dose of religion bashing. Closer of the evening was obligatory (as they told us) song Desecrator and nothing holy was saved indeed. What a surprising good party this evening turned out to be. Even the Airco died above us and started  spitting out drops of exhaustion. Let's hope that all who found their way to Musicon tonight will return. Next chance Gruesome this Tuesday.

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