Sunday, 12 July 2015

Thunder - Boerderij Zoetermeer 11 July, 2015

On their way to today's Bospop festival Thunder decided to stop over at de Boerderij again and in spite of summer holidays and great weather enough people turned up to make this a busy evening at the farm. Earlie this yeaR I already wrote about teh quality of their come back album which can stand amongst their best work and now they came to show us that Thunder is still a force to rechon with on the live circuit.

Kicking of with the title song of their new album, it was immediately clear what I like so much about Thunder. They just make feel good melodic rock with no place for sad faces. Everyone coming out of a Thunder show has a smile on his face (unless you hate them and should not have come all together). Yesterday's show was no different and the mix of new songs and old classics gave us almost two hours of uplifting songs. As Thunder are also known for their great ballads new one Broken stood amongst the best. Too bad for them the eighties are over, for this could have been a MTV hit loved by mothers and daughters alike.  Actually all the new songs came over really good and blended well with their greatest hits Low Life in High Places, Backstreet Symphony and Love Walked In.

Thunder plays dance music really and as the performance is so good, we forgive them for walking the edge of cheesyness with lots of clapping along requests. With a sound that was cristal clear vocals that brought you back to their shows in the nineties (by Bert van Marwijk?) and Luke Morley showing inbetween what a great guitarist he is, this was just a very nice evening watching a very sympathetic band. For me they can keep the tradition of returning every two years, when playing a festival in Europe. Good times guaranteed as well as a soar throat from shouting along. So after skipping Bospop I did get the extended Thunder show and saw yesterday FM also annonced for the Boerderij this year. As I am sure that all others from the great Bospop line-up shall be around within teh next year, my decision turned out to be right during these Wonder days of my life, when the summer seems so long.

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