Thursday, 9 July 2015

Third Ion - 13/8 Bit

Looking at my last 5 posts it might look like I am stuck in the past and stopped discovering new bands. Therefore herewith a very short direction to a new band that I liked and who released a CD that gets better every time I play it. Third Ion is a Canadian Progmetal band that likes games, heavy basses and guitars. Starting off with some beeping noises of games of the eighties (sorry) they move over to a Tool like progmetal, although slightly faster. Only after a few listenings I started to discover and recognize the songs. There is one Epic one the album in Time Lapse Beta, which has some great returning themes. But I still am not sure if it is my favorite on the album. Does not really matter, as I said very short, so just give this one a try maybe you like what you hear as well.

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