Sunday, 12 April 2015

Thunder - Wonder Days

Thunder are back! This just puts a smile on any melodic rock fan's face, as Thunder always guarantee quality. Their Bluesy hardrock with the remarkable voice of Daniel Bowes stands for having a good time. Thunder don't have pretentions and just make music to enjoy themselves and their audience. This new album after their surprising come-back is basically the same we came to know from them, which is a good thing.

Wonder Days kicks off with the title track, where they look back with a smile to their youth with a nice melody doing so. Nostalgia hangs a bit around this album. The cover shows them in their youth in early seventies clothing, Vinyl days are celebrated in When the Music Played and overall this CD brings us 25 years back in time when Thunder came upon the scene and made quite an impact. My first live Thundering came at Donnington 92, when I saw them playing a thunderous set during their Laughing On Judgement Day tour. Thunder also is known for their quality ballads and in The Rain and Broken we get two for adding to the long list of the same. My favorite of the album comes in The Prophet, questioning religious TV programs packed in a nice galloping riff.

So Thunder are back at their usual high level on CD. Good news I just saw is that I will be able to see if live to also remain top of the pops as they do a double in Holland when they play Bospop in July and entertain de Boerderij the evening before. At least the last one I shall attend. Welcome back boys!

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