Saturday, 4 April 2015

Absolva, Rebelstar, Air Raid - Musicon Den Haag, 3 April 2015

As Musicon is probably the closest place to home where I can see live shows,I managed to miss Air Raid only seeing their last one and a half song, which sounded promising and metal. Rebelstar are locals so bringing some friends and relatives to the not overly packed Musicon. While the other two bands play music aligned to eighties heavy metal, Rebelstar comes closer to eighties hair metal bands. Sounding pretty good doing so a welcome band to see on forthcoming summer festivals in the area.

I came to see Absolva though. Last year they came with Savage Messiah to Tilburg and I intended to see them, but railway works and long delays made me stay home. Now playing around the corner a show I could and should not miss. And was I pleased to be there as Absolva turned out to be an extremely good live band. With the right attitude they managed to get the audience involved and just played on in a no-nonsense style that was much appreciated. On guitars they have Luke Appleton of Iced Earth fame, but the two covers came from other bands in "Fear of the Dark" and "Heaven and Hell". It is nice to have songs that everyone knows inbetween, but their own work stood strong enough by itself. We are Absolva and we play Heavy Metal, was the clear opning line and so they did. When seeing bands this good in such a small ambience makes you realize what the meaning of live shows is all about. You stand in front of the stage, seeing a great band working their asses off, have a beer, shout and jump along (without loosing my voice this time), get the CD bundle after the show and thank the band personally for their great entertainment. Thanks to The Hague Metal Alliance for bringing these shows to Den Haag, that many may follow. And as Absolva promised to be back touring in October November I recommend the home stayers to get of their lazy chairs and Rock and Roll. Cheers!

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