Friday, 26 October 2012

Riversea - Out of an Ancient World

Progstreaming, the best invention on the internet over the past year. The website where you can listen to streams of new progressive albums As they say Hear it, Like it , Buy it.and it works. Several times I ran into CD's I've read about before and listen to it on Progstreaming resulting in a purchase, a not necessary to buy decision or even plain disappointment. The site has proven to be very interesting for me and with currently including the last releases from Marillion, Pendragon, Magnum and Threshold you can hardly say they only cover the more obscure and unknown bands. My last Progstreaming discovery which resulted in an immediate order from the band's website is Riversea.

Riversea is a duo helped out by a long list of somewhat famous artists from UK prog bands. The CD is one of those typical Sunday morning ones, when you don't want to wake the house with your last tech-metal band, but make everyone get up easily on the sometimes Floydish tunes from Out of an Ancient World. Very easy listening, pretty british, average vocals, but saved by some classy guitar playing a very enjoyable CD indeed. Great songs included for me are The Song, Halo ( Bryan Josh helping out) and the catchy The Fallen. So anyone liking his prog rock overdosed on ballads, nicely performed and storytelling this might be to your liking.

With these one or two persons projects you never know if they manage to get a tour together and show on stage if live these songs come even more alive. The good news was that on Beyond Rock's mailing I could read that the first pressing is sold out, so at least a few people recognized that we have yet another great band from the UK.

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