Sunday, 26 January 2014

Freedom to Glide - Rain

Several bands started as Pink Floyd cover bands and later decided to write and release their own material. First name that comes to mind is RPWL (don't know if Airbag was a coverband as well). The advantage is that usually their own material is PF influenced and the guitarist knows very well how to add emotion to his playing. With Pink Floyd not releasing any new material for almost two decades, this is the best we can get on that side of the musical spectrum. From the UK we get a new star in this area - Freedom to Glide. They released their debut album Rain, which I heard first on Progstreaming.

Rain is a concept album, as we are talking prog no surprises here. World War I is the theme of this CD, with all it's useless waste of lives. 100 years after the start of this war the timing is appropriate, and with Holland being bystanders (thus little attention at history classes) I noticed I should get some more knowledge on the theme. Since my attention is to tip about the music of good albums, let's continue with that. Well I can be short here, Pink Floyd (later stage) is never really far away. The title track is parted in 4 songs, and opener part 1 does not need long before a very Gilmouresque guitar enters and ups the level to a very pleasant listening. The album quietly passes through it's 15 songs, without any aggressive addings (which might have suited the theme)
The music is beautifull, while the vocals are suiting yet not spectacular. Cosmograf is a similar band that several times is remembered (Riders on a Wave).

I love these albums for a weekend spin, preferably Sunday morning when no alarm is set (hence the time of my review) Strongly recmmended to those who miss Pink Floyd and consider their post Waters albums also very good. Best enjoyed in bed with a headphone on humming along to "So my brothers fell like Rain".

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  1. Good pick! I've just asked for a copy of this after hearing it on progstreaming too - specially interested in the lyrical concept - very moving story.