Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Room - Open Fire

Sometimes you buy a CD. like it and don't play it that often. Than later you pick it up again, give it a spin with headphones on and start realizing it is a great album. This happened to me with the debut CD of The Room: Open Fire. Somewhere blending Prog, AOR, classic and pomp rock I love the style on display and the songs are really easy on the ear, while also showing new dephts with new listenings.

Highlights are all around, but the threatening slow built up of 16 tonnes is one of my personal faves, as well as a Multitude of Angels, which is a great melodic rock song. Actually all nine songs have their moments and going from ballad to more uptempo work there is enough variety to enjoy the 56 minutes in one go.

The members all have different backgrounds in music and to me only vocalist Martin Wilson and gitarist Steve Anderson were known from their previous (or paralel?) band Grey Lady Down. So here we have yet another British band that sounds very convincing and as I am heading for HRH Prog/AOR festival next year in Wales they might to me appear on either stage. Highly recommended for anyone liking either, prog, pomp, aor or classic rock (speaking about huge potentials)

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