Sunday, 8 September 2019

SOTO & supports - Boerderij Zoetermeer, 7 September 2019

Jeff Scott Soto is one of those vocalists of whom you have no idea how many CD's/LPs you own so many bands and projects he sung in. I know I first heard him with Yngwie Malmsteen. During the set he mentioned how he loves coming back to de Boerderij as he has been here with bands like Talisman, Sons of Apollo and J.S.S. He actually skipped Soul Sirkus an album I picked up now for the occasion. Solo he can go many directions where he does not scare away from some soul influences at times. His last album Origami is more hardrock again, so we expected some melodic hard rock tonight.

Before it was so far we did get two supports both playing some 40-45 minutes. This meant a long wait as Scarlet Aura was not at the right place at the right time. Their old school metal with female Doro clone did not get any reactions whatsoever from the small crowd, but they kept on trying till the end. Stop Stop hereafter sounded better. No idea how pissed they were when deciding that Stop Stop is a catchy band name. Yet their rock and roll landed better and a walk through the audience by all three band members playing on was an interesting end before they dropped dead on stage.

 S.O.T.O. came on hereafter and we got the music we came for. During the set they played music from several bands he sung in but unfortunately no Yngwie or Soul Sirkus, There was a WET medley for fans of that band and a Talisman cover next to several Soto or JSS solo album songs. His genuine love for de Boerderij was also expressed when he complained about UK venues trying to kick you out fast for a disco to follow. So we got an extra medley where his old favorite cover Crazy by Seal was included again. At first his voice seemed to need some warming up, but later on all was fine. His presentation is professional and sympathetic and his looks reminded Leroy Fer returning after summer holidays. This was just a nice evening of live music. Good band nice performances and afterwards the band would come to the bar for signing without any star issues. September it is and the gig season can be declared open now.

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